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L’Espresso has been a true protagonist in the history of Italian journalism in recent decades, committed to
unveil what has happened behind the scenes over the past 65 years.
Today it is the leading newspaper in Italy and is considered one of the most important journalistic brands
contemporary, known for undisputed authority and editorial quality

In April 2017 BFC Media signed an agreement with Forbes Media as italian exclusive local licensee for all editorial operations Forbes-branded in this country. Launched in October 2017, with Alessandro Rossi as editor in chief, Forbes Italia leverages a more than 100 year world iconic heritage and gives the spotlight to the movers and shakers of our time and to the ambassadors of the Made in Italy around the world, with a specific focus on success stories but also with an outlook on new talents and future leaders. Since 2017 Forbes Italia is a new reference point to access information that matters, available in newsstands, via subscriptions and online on
In December 2021, Forbes Italy celebrated its 50th cover.

BLUERATING, advisory & asset management, is dedicated to the world of asset management and purveyors of financial services. Each month the magazine is distributed in leading newsstands throughout Italy and is sent to the more than 2,500 agencies of promoters of financial products, as well as over 3,000 branches of the leading Italian banks and more than 1,000 managers and prominent business leaders in Italy and Europe. In addition, Bluerating participates in the most important financial sector events, where the magazine is always present in ad hoc kiosks or totems.


The first website in Italy devoted entirely to asset management, founded in 1997. Its contents include more than 15,000 financial products, updated daily. The target of reference is composed of financial promoters, investment counselors, consultants, private bankers, banks, asset management firms and individual investors.

Daily Newsletter

The newsletter containing the main news of the day on asset management, sent out every day at 5 p.m. to the community, composed of financial sector professionals.

Special Projects

BLUERATING covers can be personalized, as can other parts of the magazine, to promote initiatives based on the needs of asset management companies and issuers of financial products. In addition, it is possible to distribute add-ons, brochures and business surveys to a carefully selected and constantly updated target.

Yearbook leaders

A financial annual entirely dedicated to the leading asset management companies operating in Italy. Contents include data, contacts, people and the most significant company numbers.


A newsletter personalized by the partner companies and sent to about 50,000 registered users of the Blue Financial Communication community.


An integrated system of conception, production and support for communications issued by the leading asset management companies. In parallel to sector events, Blue Financial Communication organizes the Fund Forum in January, the Private Banking Forum in June and the Finance Forum in October.


BFC Media presented, under an agreement with PMC – Penske Media Corporation group, the multimedia project of the Italian edition of Robb Report, a worldwide reference brand for Luxury and Lifestyle.

Private Magazine

PRIVATE, the magazine of private banking , is the monthly dedicated to the world of private banking and is distributed to the headquarters of the banks active in wealth management in Italy , Switzerland , London , Luxembourg and Monaco. It is also sent to family firms, venture capitalists and the offices of leading law firms, based on a mailing list of more than 5000 exclusive addresses. PRIVATE is also distributed in major newsstands, in airports and during events dedicated to private banking.


All the major news, latest lifestyle tips, opportunities and events relevant for private bankers can be found on


PRIVATE’s newsletter is sent to the community every week with a summary of the most important facts and future opportunities, in addition to the most important news for the activities of private bankers.

Special Projects

PRIVATE special projects: special editions can be created with dust jackets and inserts to provide information tailored to the needs of the various partners.

Player Yearbook

PLAYER is a yearbook dedicated to the leading distributors of financial services in Italy. Inside data , contacts , leaders and numbers of the most important companies offering consulting and family office private banking.


It is the partner companies’ personalized newsletter, sent on request to the user community members of MYPRIVATE .


EVENTS PRIVATE BANKING FORUM is an annual event that meets in June operators of private banking to discuss the prospects of the sector.

Investments and Trading Events

In September 2016 BFC Media 51% of Spring Eventi, which was then renamed Investments and Trading Events. The company has more than ten years of experience in the organization of events and forums related to the financial world. For instance, the organization has created the annual Investment and Trading Forum (IT Forum) in Rimini which each year attracts 7,000 visitors. The teams of BFC Media and ITE have joined forces and shared their expertise in order to increase the scale and reach of their events, aiming to become the leader in financial events in Italy.

Follow up


Launched in Milan, during the Salone del Risparmio event, April 2018, Asset Class is the first italian monthly magazine focused on local and international asset management. Asset Class is led by Andrea Giacobino, as editor in chief, and supervised by Andrea Telara, as coordinator, and offers a national and international overview on the asset management world with in-depth analysis and key-figures in cooperation with Morningstar, one of the leading rating agency in the personal finance world.


BFC Media spa launches the brand BFC Events for the construction of new extraordinary experiences dedicated to the readers of Forbes, Robb Report and Bluerating in collaboration with Dream&Charme Experiences, which since 2008 designs and creates memorable, unique and exclusive experiences, choosing the best of the best with great attention to the smallest details. The two companies are joined by the expertise and the desire to share the passion for excellence, through the unmistakable Italian style.


BFC Media has launched its first fully integrated communication system (tv, weg, magazine) devoted to smart mobility topic. A great opportunity, innovative and fun, to start discovering tomorrow’s cities, dive into Italian country’s beauty and finally live a truly responsible experience, more and more green and free, heading to a shiny smart future.

On television-DTT at channel 259 and SKY at channel 222
On the move on and


COSMO, the new monthly magazine focused on Space Economy, has been launched October 2019 after the merge of two historical periodicals on astronomy, Nuovo Orione and Le Stelle. The magazine boasts catchy layouts and multimedia user experience thanks to BFC Augmented Reality APP, top-level glossy paper and an effective circulation on italian market due to a distribution agreement signed in partnership with book publishing leader Giunti Editore. COSMO, whose editor in chief is Walter Riva, offers every month its original angle for innovation, technology and the whole new space economy world. The magazine leverages an integrated communication system based on a digital platform, events and two innovative TV formats


The Equos project was launched, dedicated to the world of equestrian racing, with Trotto&Turf, a historical newspaper on the world of equestrian competitions.


The TROTTO&TURF operation is the first segment of BFC Media’s EQUOS PROJECT, created to create a series of editorial synergies in the world of horse racing and lay the foundations for the development and consolidation of this editorial segment by focusing not only on gaming and betting but on the entire chain of the world of horses and sporting events with great attention to all operators and institutions.

www. trottoturf. it