Marco Forlani


Marco Forlani si occupa da 25 anni di comunicazione e relazioni esterne, istituzionali ed internazionali per diversi gruppi industriali e dal 2005 ha ricoperto ruoli primari come Senior Vice President in AgustaWestland ed Executive Vice President in Finmeccanica. Dal 2016 è socio fondatore del gruppo di comunicazione integrata Hdrà (Hdrà Adv, Consenso Europa e Hnto) di cui è stato amministratore delegato dal 2017 al 2021 e di cui è tuttora e in continuità Executive Senior Partner.

Denis Masetti


Denis Masetti, born in Bologna, degree in economics, is the publisher of BFC Media. Active in the financial and advertorial sector and since 1981, he has held various roles and developed numerous business ventures. He directed Arte & Investmento, published by Finarte Edizioni of Milan, before becoming managing director of Campus and commercial director of Class Editori. In 1995 he founded BFC Media, where he became president. With BFC, in 1997, he launched the site, followed by various publications: Hedge, Advisor, Soldi and Bluerating. He also contributed to the creation and management of the weekly Bloomberg Investimenti, where he was a partner and member of the board. Moreover, he was managing director and shareholder of Fida (Finance and Data Analysis), a leader in Italy in the management and analysis of financial products. Journalist and author since 1993, he has also written the following books: Index-linked and unit-linked, the insurance policies that invest in the stock market – 1997 published by Sperling & Kupfer; Finance online, Internet and finance at the turn of 2000 – 1999 Editions Fag; Hedge funds, a resource for investors – 2003, published by Wiley Finance, London.

Alessandro Rossi


Alessandro Rossi , born in Siena, is the managing editor of Bluerating and editor in chief of Forbes Italia. For over 12 years he has held various positions with the Class Group up to editor in chief at Milano Finanza and MF. He has also worked in the economics department of the leading Italian daily La Repubblica and he founded and directed Bloomberg Investimenti. He has worked in major economic and financial publications, like the daily Italia Oggi, the weekly Panorama Economy and the daily newspaper Finanza & Mercati. In digital publishing, he founded and directed the site He has been a professional journalist since 1983.

Andrea Giacobino


Andrea Giacobino, born in Milan, is the managing editor of Bluerating Advisory & Asset Management and of Private, the magazine of private banking. During his career he has worked in several national newspapers including Avvenire , MF – Milano Finanza and L’Informazione, and conducted financial monthlies such as Investire and Advisor. From 2007 to 2009 he was Deputy Director of Borsa & Finanza and Finanza & Mercati. He writes for various Italian and foreign magazines including L’Agefi , Il Mondo , Panorama and Il Sole 24 Ore. He has been a professional journalist since 1986.

Michele Gamba


Michele Gamba, born in Milan, is the Sales Manager of BFC Media. He began his career as a financial advisor for BNL Investimenti. In 2004 he started working with BFC as an analyst, then he served as head of marketing and sales for the editorial area. After an experience as marketing director for the monthly Advisor, since May 2013 he has held the position of advertising manager for Group.

Federico Morgantini


Federico Morgantini is a member of the board of directors of BFC Media. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, he started his career in the Information Technology and then he became an entrepreneur. In 1998 he founded Sintetica, web agency that leveraged the first Internet boom. In 2002 he became partner and marketing manager of MotoHP, a magazine about the world of motorcycles. In 2004 he moved to Shanghai where he opened the StudioMorgantini, consulting to support the entry and development of Italian companies in Asia. In 2016 he joined BFC Media for which he manages the Gooruf project (based in London, Hong Kong and Milan) and holds the role of Ventures Studio’s coordinator. He is author of the book: Un italiano in Shanghai (Albatros, 2011).

Luigi Dell’Olio


After graduating in Law, he entered the Institute for Education in Journalism in Milan, passing the exam as a professional journalist in 2006. Luigi reports on issues related to business and finance, the evolution of the business world as well as news related to savings and investment. As part of BFC Media’s team, he is responsible for coordinating the preparation of the monthly magazine Private and its website.

Gianluigi Raimondi


Technical, financial and macroeconomic analyst, professional journalist since 2002. In 2013 he founded the website FinanzaOperativa. com. Previously, from 2000 and for the following 12 years he was co-head of the Studies Department of the weekly Borsa & Finanza and of the daily Finanza & Mercati. Previously, he was co-responsible for media relations at Caboto Holding Sim and sole operator (foreign front office and securities) at Banco di Desio e della Brianza. Since 2012 he has been a contributor to the monthly “Patrimoni” (Class Editori).

Alessandro Cervieri

Marketing Digital

Alessandro Cervieri, born in 1966, has worked for 25 years in the publishing market, in daily and periodical publications. He has held managerial positions in leading newspapers such as LaRepubblica, il Sole24Ore, Borsa&Finanza and various periodicals in the finance area. As an entrepreneur he has led a web company specialized in assisting publishers interested in the transition to digital. He is in BFC Media since 2021 to continue the path of digitalization and innovation of products and processes.

Daniel Settembre


Publicist since 2016, he began his career in 2010 at the television newsroom of Class CNBC – Class Editori Group.
The following year he joined BFC Media as a journalist for the group’s main magazines such as Bluerating and Private, covering finance, asset management, fintech, financial advice and startups. He currently coordinates the editorial staff of the monthly magazine Forbes Italia.

Mirko Bertucci


He has a business and law background. He has worked with several startups in online trading, publishing, internet, e-commerce, overseeing their formation, development, listing process. He has followed numerous extraordinary transactions for innovative SMEs, acquiring consolidated experience in negotiation, due diligence, acquisitions, mergers. As a special prosecutor, he has participated in numerous private and public tenders. He is an expert in corporate finance, financial statements, M&A, management control, and restructuring.

Andrea Telara


A professional journalist since 2003, he began his career in 2000 on the editorial staff of Milano Finanza. He has always dealt with economics, savings, investments, work and welfare, collaborating with various national newspapers such as Panorama Economy, Panorama. it, Qn-Quotidiano Nazionale, Business People and Forbes Italia. Since 2016 he has been part of the BFC Media team and today he coordinates the magazines Bluerating and Asset Class, dedicated to financial advice and asset management.

Fabio Invidia


is the Events Director of BFC Media. Since 1993 he has gained experience in the field of Communication and Marketing, in the creation, management and implementation of communication strategies for leading Italian and foreign companies. Since October 2015 he has also been project manager of Impersive, a company specialized in the design, development and production of VR experiences with 360° 3D video. Since March 2018 he has been in charge of managing the development and realization of BFC’s Forbes Live events.

Gianluca Copercini

Senior Partner

Born in Milan, with a degree in business administration from Bocconi, is senior partner of BFC Media. He started his career in the commercial area as account in Seat PagineGialle. After that he gained increasing professional experience, with increased responsibility and resources management, as sales manager in Opus Proclama, advertising concessionaire for the Uci and The Space cinema circuit, in Daniela Santanchè’s Visibilia Pubblicità and responsible for the development of new business in Italiaonline Adv, the first Italian internet company. He was one of the founders and advisors of Audimovie.

Michele Belingheri


Born in Lecco, is  Sales Manager at BFC Media. Always operating in media companies, he began his commercial career at Netweek SpA, the first local media circuit in Italy, first as a sales representative, then as area manager and finally as corporate client coordinator, institutions and media centers. He has been coordinating the sales of the BFC Video project since october 2018; since april 2019 he is also head of agencies and media centers and project manager for Forbes.

Vito Massafra


Born in Martina Franca (TA) in 1982, holding a degree in Marketing and New Media at LUMSA University and a Master in Marketing and Communication at Bocconi University. His working career begins in 2013 by 3M Spa, where he deals with digital marketing activities. His first collaboration in BFC Media is dated 2011 and for 3 years he follows marketing and sales projects. After an experience as Marketing Manager in ProfessioneFinanza, in 2017 he rejoined BFC; he is currently Project Manager for some digital as well as integrated communication projects with partners within the publishing house. Since November 2018 he is hosting the TV program “BlueAdvisor” every Friday on Reteconomy TV.

Daniele Tortoriello


Born in 1973, Ligurian by adoption, he graduated in Economics and Banking at the University of Siena. He has always been involved, for various reasons, in teaching and training on topics related to the financial markets: author of manuals and exercises for the preparation of examinations and evaluation tests, teacher in training courses, author of articles of a popular nature, supervisor of official tests.  In BFC Media, as Director of the Academy, he follows the development of the Education Area through the design of training courses, the organization of videos and television programs of a training nature, the supervision of the contents of the websites and and the writing of articles for the various newspapers of the group.

Valerio Gallorini


It is, as Wikipedia says, a historical figure of radio and national private television. Collaborates since 1976 with the most important national and local Italian broadcasters. Member of Claudio Cecchetto in the birth of the Radio Deejay project, he contributed to the creation and success of the media where he collaborated.
In continuous movement he has spanned in 40 years of career from radio to TV in all the roles of the sector, from radio direction technician, to Speaker, producer, administrator and publisher.