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The Media & Digital Company

BFC Media is an Publishing Group based in Milan that specializes in information on personal business and investment products, with particular attention to the world of asset management and distribution. Founded in 1995, it has developed an ample portfolio of informational content, both in print and on specialized websites.


Who We Are

Today, BFC Media is the Italian leader in business and financial information in the media and digital sector. The company’s history is marked by various experiences that allowed it to develop its expertise.

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Our Productions

Over time our range of products has changed and evolved to cover a range of specialisms and needs. We are proud to present the BFC family of products. Click a Brand to learn more.

  • Robb Report
  • Robb Report
    In April 2017 BFC Media signed an agreement with Forbes Media as italian exclusive local licensee for all editorial operations Forbes-branded in this country. Launched in October 2017, with Alessandro Rossi as editor in chief, Forbes Italia leverages a more than 100 year world iconic heritage and gives the spotlight to the movers and shakers of our time and to the ambassadors of the Made in Italy around the world, with a specific focus on success stories but also with an outlook on new talents and future leaders. Since 2017 Forbes Italia is a new reference point to access information that matters, available in newsstands, via subscriptions and online on Forbes.it
    In December 2021, Forbes Italy celebrated its 50th cover.
  • Small Giants

    Forbes Small Giants is BFC Media’s project that tells the stories of Small, Medium Firm that really are Small Giants: companies that are often small in size but with projects, goals and objectives whose comparisons are always giants or with giants: we will bring hundreds and hundreds of Italian companies to the forefront by telling their stories and strategies both on our media and live at roadshow

  • L’Espresso

    L’Espresso has been a true protagonist in the history of Italian journalism in recent decades, committed to
    unveil what has happened behind the scenes over the past 65 years.
    Today it is the leading newspaper in Italy and is considered one of the most important journalistic brands
    contemporary, known for undisputed authority and editorial quality

  • Le guide de L’Espresso

    Le Guide de L’Espresso show the best of Italy’s food and wine offerings.

    Chocolate, Wine, Food and many products of our territory. The Guides represent a careful selection of Wineries and Restaurants to offer readers only the best.


    BLUERATING, advisory & asset management, is dedicated to the world of asset management and purveyors of financial services. Each month the magazine is distributed in leading newsstands throughout Italy and is sent to the more than 2,500 agencies of promoters of financial products, as well as over 3,000 branches of the leading Italian banks and more than 1,000 managers and prominent business leaders in Italy and Europe. In addition, Bluerating participates in the most important financial sector events, where the magazine is always present in ad hoc kiosks or totems.


  • Private Magazine

    PRIVATE, the magazine of private banking , is the monthly dedicated to the world of private banking and is distributed to the headquarters of the banks active in wealth management in Italy , Switzerland , London , Luxembourg and Monaco. It is also sent to family firms, venture capitalists and the offices of leading law firms, based on a mailing list of more than 5000 exclusive addresses. PRIVATE is also distributed in major newsstands, in airports and during events dedicated to private banking.


    Launched in Milan, during the Salone del Risparmio event, April 2018, Asset Class is the first italian monthly magazine focused on local and international asset management. Asset Class is led by Andrea Giacobino, as editor in chief, and supervised by Andrea Telara, as coordinator, and offers a national and international overview on the asset management world with in-depth analysis and key-figures in cooperation with Morningstar, one of the leading rating agency in the personal finance world.

  • Investments and Trading Events

    In September 2016 BFC Media 51% of Spring Eventi, which was then renamed Investments and Trading Events. The company has more than ten years of experience in the organization of events and forums related to the financial world. For instance, the organization has created the annual Investment and Trading Forum (IT Forum) in Rimini which each year attracts 7,000 visitors. The teams of BFC Media and ITE have joined forces and shared their expertise in order to increase the scale and reach of their events, aiming to become the leader in financial events in Italy.

    Follow up


    BFC Media presented, under an agreement with PMC – Penske Media Corporation group, the multimedia project of the Italian edition of Robb Report, a worldwide reference brand for Luxury and Lifestyle.


Our Company

BFC is made up of financial and media professionals with a wide range of expertise across the industry. To find out more about the company and it’s its team, click buttons below.



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