Denis Masetti


Denis Masetti, born in Bologna, degree in economics, is the publisher of BFC Media. Active in the financial and advertorial sector and since 1981, he has held various roles and developed numerous business ventures. He directed Arte & Investmento, published by Finarte Edizioni of Milan, before becoming managing director of Campus and commercial director of Class Editori. In 1995 he founded BFC Media, where he became president. With BFC, in 1997, he launched the site, followed by various publications: Hedge, Advisor, Soldi and Bluerating. He also contributed to the creation and management of the weekly Bloomberg Investimenti, where he was a partner and member of the board. Moreover, he was managing director and shareholder of Fida (Finance and Data Analysis), a leader in Italy in the management and analysis of financial products. Journalist and author since 1993, he has also written the following books: Index-linked and unit-linked, the insurance policies that invest in the stock market – 1997 published by Sperling & Kupfer; Finance online, Internet and finance at the turn of 2000 – 1999 Editions Fag; Hedge funds, a resource for investors – 2003, published by Wiley Finance, London.